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Silicon Valley’s favorite veggie burger is about to hit a wave of controversy — but scientists say it’s bogus

Heme — the magic spark that gives the Impossible Burger its meaty essence and even allows it to "bleed" like a beef burger — is under fire.
Daniel Boulud let Business Insider into his kitchen to see how he makes the db Burger.

World-famous chef Daniel Boulud reveals his secrets to making the perfect burger

Chef Daniel Boulud shows us how the famous db Burger is created, step by step.

Trump’s former bodyguard went on McDonald’s runs for him because the White House kitchen couldn’t satisfy his cravings for a Quarter...

President Donald Trump's longtime bodyguard and confidante, Keith Schiller, would often make McDonald's runs for Trump both in Washington on the campaign trail.

We went inside a Shake Shack kitchen and they showed us how to make their famous burgers

Here is a first-hand look at all the tricks Shake Shack uses to make their famous ShackBurger taste so good.

In-N-Out and Whataburger could soon become intense rivals — and it’s clear who makes a better burger

In-N-Out and Whataburger both have some devoted fans. I tried them both in a classic taste test.

Consumers are demanding that In-N-Out stop ‘dragging its feet’ and make a big change to its beef

Representatives from 30 consumer groups sent a letter to In-N-Out demanding the company stop serving beef produced with a problematic ingredient: antibiotics.

McDonald’s is making a huge change to its burgers that franchisees aren’t going to be happy about

McDonald's says its Quarter Pounder burgers will be made with fresh beef instead of frozen beef at most of its restaurants by the middle of next year.

We visited a fast-food chain that’s like McDonald’s for vegans

REVIEW: VeganBurg makes vegan fast-food accessible for meat-lovers.

The most ardent meat-lover in San Francisco’s restaurant scene says he’s found the best veggie burger

Chef Chris Cosentino is now serving the meatless Impossible Burger at his restaurant, Cockscomb.

The secret ingredient that makes the Bill Gates-backed veggie burger taste so meaty is ‘plant blood’

Heme is the secret ingredient that makes the Impossible Foods meatless burger taste so meaty.