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An aerial view of the bush crash in New Mexico.

At least 7 killed in Greyhound bus crash in New Mexico

At least seven people were killed when a Greyhound bus and a semi-truck collided on Interstate 40 in New Mexico on Thursday afternoon. Police said the semi-truck had experienced a tire blowout and crossed into oncoming traffic, colliding with the Greyhound bus.

You can now book your own seat on buses using ComfortDelGro’s new app

For $5, you can get a guaranteed seat on the buses.

Take a look at the oldest motorised bus still in existence that’s also more than 100 years old

It's top speeds could reach a mind-blowing 20 kilometres per hour!
The driver reportedly poked herself with tweezers to stay awake.

A video from a Greyhound bus shows passengers taking matters into their own hands after their driver starts to fall asleep

Greyhound eventually replaced the driver and got the passengers to their destination seven hours late.
New York City buses are often cleaner and more comfortable than subway cars.

I’ve used NYC buses to get around for nearly 2 years — and I’m convinced it’s way better than the subway

The bus is cleaner, less crowded, and less prone to unexplained delays than the subway.

A bus hilariously blocked The Weather Channel’s live shot of the epic Georgia Dome implosion at the exact wrong moment

A bus picked the worst possible time to cut in front of The Weather Channel's live shot of Monday's Georgia Dome implosion.

I tried the $115 service that lets you fall asleep in LA and wake up in San Francisco, and it blew me away

Cabin, formerly known as Sleep Bus, lets passengers sleep in "pods" aboard a double-decker bus that travels from San Francisco to Los Angeles nightly.

People are paying $115 to fall asleep in San Francisco and wake up in Los Angeles

The idea behind Cabin is simple: Get in, grab a bunk, and sleep.

The ‘Tesla of buses’ just jumped into the self-driving-car race

Proterra made waves when it launched an all-electric bus with a 350-mile range last September. Now it's working on making them self-driving.