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16 books about the biggest business scams of our time — including Enron, Bernie Madoff, and Theranos

From finance to cars to sports, these books paint a picture of how business scams are built, how they crash, and how all the players are affected.

7 companies Trump invited to the White House this week shared with us their thoughts on his recent racist comments

Business Insider reached out to 25 of the companies represented in the crowd. Here's what several of them had to say.
Very few people actually know what "business casual" means.

What business casual really means

You've probably heard the term a million times and still don't know what it means.

The S&P 500 surges above 3,000, stocks hit record highs after the Fed reaffirms a rate cut is coming

Powell's comments reassured investors whose hopes for an adjustment fell after the jobs report out last week showed that hiring rebounded in June.
Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay and his family. Ramsay has stated he will not be leaving his massive fortune to his children.

14 high-profile billionaires and millionaires who aren’t leaving their fortunes to their children

These high-profile celebrities and business magnates are not handing all of their massive fortunes to their children.
Women's Boxy Crop Tee

A cult-favorite clothing company that narrowly escaped bankruptcy could reach over $10 million in sales this year

Richer Poorer is now famously known for its great women's and men's clothing basics, but there was a time when it almost lost everything.

WATCH LIVE: Top execs at Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, and Morgan Stanley discuss disrupting Wall Street from within

Industry leaders will break down the hype around AI, big data, blockchain, and crypto, and share how they’re mining value from these opportunities.

Japan’s labor minister says it’s ‘necessary’ for women to wear heels at work despite mass backlash over the policy many are ca...

Japan struggles with gender equality, though the country is experiencing gradual pushback against the promotion of traditional gender roles.

Fenty Beauty made Rihanna the world’s richest female singer. Here are 21 celebrities who’ve made millions outside of Hollywood.

While it's easy to buy a couple of extra yachts or a crystal-studded bathtub, the smartest celebs know when to invest.
Wharton professor Adam Grant has penned a number of books that are popular among MBA grads.

17 business and leadership books that have helped MBA students succeed in the business world

Learn why MBA alumni love the following 17 business and leadership books.