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Top Wall Street firms are getting increasingly worried corporate stock buybacks are drying up just when the market needs them most

Of S&P 500 companies, 164 have either suspended their buyback programs or cut their dividends, according to a Goldman Sachs note published on Tuesday.

Goldman Sachs warns stocks will tumble 18% in the next 3 months — and lays out 6 risks they think investors are ignoring

The stock market's recent rally from late-March lows is best attributed to investors' "fear of missing out," Goldman's analysts wrote Friday.

Why Warren Buffett bet on the ‘big 4’ airlines against his own advice, then dumped them at a loss

The famed investor predicted more people would fly and the airlines would keep their value and continue buying back shares. Then the pandemic arrived.

Warren Buffett may have ditched airline stocks and spent $20 billion on stock buybacks, investor Chris Bloomstran says

The Berkshire Hathaway boss would spend $100 billion on an acquisition "if the right elephant came along," Bloomstran said.

The stock market’s biggest source of buying power is quickly fading and won’t come back for years, new report says

Debate around whether buybacks are "socially unacceptable" could place a permanent drag on stock repurchases, Sanford Bernstein analysts wrote.

UK’s biggest banks were hit with a warning to freeze their dividends during the Covid-19 uncertainty or face formal action

Shares of UK's largest banks fall after they suspended outstanding dividends and agreed to no payments until the end of 2020.

Airlines are begging for a bailout, but they’ve used 96% of their cash on buybacks over the past 10 years. Their plight highlights an ongoing co...

Companies of all types have long been accused of using excess capital to enrich shareholders over all else.

The backbone of the stock market over the past 10 years is starting to fade

Total S&P 500 buybacks "seem to have peaked," since the great financial crisis, according to Sean Darby, global equity strategist at Jefferies.

Microsoft hits record high after announcing $40 billion stock buyback plan, dividend boost

The share repurchase plan marks the third one worth $40 billion the company has pursued in the last six years.

The stock market’s most important safety net is in danger

Share repurchases have been a crucial backstop for the equity bull market, which has run for more than 10 years.