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There are growing concerns about Cam Newton’s health and future after one of the worst games of his career

After two lackluster games, there are major questions about Cam Newton's health and if his best days are behind him.
Tom Brady tips his cap.

Tom Brady is getting roasted for wearing a big hat after a Patriots preseason game

Tom Brady had quite a dramatic look for his post-game press conference on Thursday night after the Patriots preseason game against the Panthers.
Eli Edwards claims he heard Cam Newton offer a man $1,500 to switch seats with him so he could have more legroom, but the man declined.

NFL star Cam Newton reportedly tried to pay a fellow passenger $1,500 to switch seats with him on a flight but was refused

The man who captured the incident on camera told Business Insider that the Carolina Panthers quarterback "pretty much shook it off."

Cam Newton says he’s giving up sex for a month to make his mind ‘stronger’

Cam Newton gives himself a new challenge each month. He revealed to James Corden that March's challenge is a vow of chastity.
Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin did not appear to have a friendly exchange on Thursday.

Cam Newton had a tense pregame exchange with a former teammate who recently criticized him

Cam Newton and Kelvin Benjamin had their first face-to-face encounter since Benjamin's public criticism of Newton's abilities as a quarterback, and things certainly looked awkward between them.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The last 22 QBs taken in the first round of the NFL Draft and how this year’s crop compares

From EJ Manuel to Andrew Luck, here is what happened to recent quarterbacks to be drafted in the first round.

NFL says Panthers properly followed concussion protocol when sending Cam Newton back into Wild Card game after big hit

After a big hit during the Panthers Wild Card game against the Saints, many thought Cam Newton had a concussion, but the NFL found no wrongdoing in the case.

The Panthers are under fire for allowing Cam Newton back into a game shortly after a huge hit

Cam Newton said he was hit in the eye, but the NFL is nonetheless investigating why he was not brought back into the locker room for concussion testing.

A gambling guide to the best bets of Wild Card weekend

After a winning regular season against the spread, we push our luck into the postseason with our picks for the best bets of Wild Card weekend.

Cam Newton leaves the field for a play after taking an ugly hit to the groin

Cam Newton wasn't out of the game for long on Sunday, but did take one of the worst hits a man can take against the Buccaneers.