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US Marines prepare to enter the gas chamber at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, November 8, 2019.

‘Even the brave cry here’: Marines in North Carolina put their gas masks to the test

The Marines are ushered into a small, dark room. A thick haze of o-Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile, more commonly known as CS gas, fills the air.
US Marine Corps commandant Robert Neller.

Marine Corps general reportedly leaked a sensitive memo questioning Trump’s border plan

"He didn't want the Marines and families at Camp Lejeune ... to get f---ed," one official reportedly said to Newsweek.
US Marines during a 10-mile hike on the west side of Marine Corps Base Quantico, Virginia, June 28, 2013.

Trump’s border wall may strip money from a $65 million water treatment plant at a Marine Corps base with a history of contaminated water

President Trump's plans for the US-Mexico border barrier may tap into unawarded funds once planned for a water treatment plant at Camp Lejeune.

Meet the first woman to lead a Marine Corps tank platoon

Meet the first female officer to lead a Marine Corps tank platoon.