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A fishing shed is caught in a river after the departure of Hurricane Dorian in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada September 8, 2019.

Dorian toppled a huge construction crane and wrecked buildings in Canada despite it losing its hurricane status

Dorian knocked out power to hundreds of thousands of people, toppled a huge construction crane and ripped roofs off apartments in the city of Halifax
Australia was ranked among the top 10 best countries for tourists in 2019.

The 25 best countries for tourists in 2019, ranked

The World Economic Forum ranked the best countries for tourists in 2019 based on metrics like business environment, safety, and price competitiveness.
Juneau, Alaska.

Alaska was hit by a 5.0-magnitude earthquake that impacted two capital cities and left locals’ beds and showers shaking

The 5.0-magnitude earthquake, which originated in Glacial Bay National Park, was the second earthquake in the region over the last two days.
In Toronto, you can book a ride from kiosk's inside the airport terminal.

You can now book an Uber ride without a phone for the first time

No phone? No problem. At least at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The ride-hailing company says more locations are to be announced.

‘Shark Tank’ judge Kevin O’Leary involved in Ontario boating crash that left 2 dead

O'Leary confirmed that he was involved in the crash in a statement to TMZ, which broke the story Tuesday.
The Parachutisme Adrénaline skydiving centre in Quebec where the woman dived from.

‘It’s a miracle’: A woman in Canada survived a 5,000-foot fall after her parachute failed during a skydive

A tree canopy broke the woman's fall in Trois-Rivières, but she hit them a speed of at least 37-miles-per-hour, Radio-Canada reported.
Not the wolf in question.

A Canadian man saved a family of 4 from a wolf that ripped their tent apart and tried to drag the father away

A Calgary man said he "booted" the wolf's backside to make it drop the father's arm, and the two men threw rocks at it to ward it away.
A composite image showing Kam McLeod (left) and Bryer Schmegelsky (right) leaving a hardware store in Meadow Lake, c, on July 21

‘It’s a black eye for any community’: Neighbors of Canadian murder suspects say they’re worried their town has been permanentl...

Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced on Monday that 19-year-old Kam McLeod and 18-year-old Bryer Schmegelsky died from "suicide by gunfire."
A composite image showing Kam McLeod (left) and Bryer Schmegelsky (right) leaving a hardware store in Meadow Lake, c, on July 21

Teenage Canadian murder suspects who led authorities on a 20-day manhunt died from ‘suicide by gunfire,’ police say

Canadian police confirmed on Monday in a statement that two bodies found in Manitoba on August 7 were Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky.
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and US President Donald Trump.

Trump sent the Canadian Embassy a note joking that he hoped Trudeau wasn’t ‘the anti-Trump,’ and the Canadian ambassador reportedly ...

Trump reportedly wrote "Looking good! Hope it's not true!" in silver Sharpie on a 2017 magazine cover that called Justin Trudeau the "anti-Trump."