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By the middle of the trip, I had absolutely no idea what time it was, and I felt like I was in a weird time warp with no bearings to grab hold of.

I spent 96 hours on a train from Toronto to Vancouver, and crossing 4 time zones was more disorienting than I ever expected

I loved my journey across Canada on Via Rail's sleeper train. But crossing so many time zones was a shock that I'd prepare for differently next time.

I moved from Canada to the US, and 3 money differences threw me for a loop

You wouldn't think moving to the US from Canada would be that big of a change, but there were some daily financial realities that came as a surprise.
This trucker can now head north.

Uber Freight is expanding to Canada — and it’s a brilliant move to gobble up more of the trucking industry

Canada's domestic trucking market is puny compared to the US. Here's why Uber is eyeing it anyways.

Cannabis producer Cronos Group soars after a collection of huge block trades fueled a 43% overnight spike

The company's stock spiked as much as 43% in after-hours trading. The surge lifted cannabis peers including Aurora Cannabis and Tilray.
Canada legalized cannabis in October 2018.

One year after Canada legalized weed, figures suggest a large number of Canadians still buy their cannabis on the black market

Canada legalized weed in October 2018. However, legal weed sales are still millions of dollars lower than those from the black market.
A photo of Boundary Road, Blaine, Washington, where the Connors said they swerved from. The US and Canada are separated here by several meter of grass between two roads.

How a British family got entangled in a US immigration nightmare after a wrong turn led to nearly 2 weeks in ICE detention

The Connors' story shows how just one unintentional violation of US immigration law can land a family in weeks of detention in an unfamiliar country.
The location of where the Connors family were taken into custody by CBP agents on October 2 after an illegal border crossing from British Columbia into Washington state.

US border patrol says they tried to send UK family back after illegal crossing but Canada wouldn’t take them

As of Tuesday, seven members of the Connors family detained on October 2 are in detention at a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) centre.
U.S. border patrol agents patrol the border of Montana and Alberta near Sweetgrass, Montana, May 29, 2009

A British family vacationing in Canada unknowingly swerved onto a US road to dodge an animal. ICE has detained them and their 3-month-old baby for 12 ...

The Connorses were driving close to the US border when they "made a very brief detour on an unmarked road to avoid an animal," they said.
An Air Canada flight.

Air Canada will no longer call passengers ‘ladies and gentlemen,’ and will use the gender-neutral term ‘everybody’ instead

The policy comes four months after Canada started allowing citizens mark their gender as "X," rather than male or female, on their passports.

Notorious cannabis producer CannTrust will destroy $77 million of weed inventory and plants to gain regulatory approval

The company lost its licenses to produce and sell cannabis in September after Health Canada found multiple facilities non-compliant with regulations.