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Finding the best deal on car insurance came down to decoding a single page of my policy

You need to consider more than just the cost of your car insurance premium — here's what to look for on your declaration page.
Getting caught texting and driving could wreck your insurance premium.

7 common driving tickets that could cause your car insurance bill to spike

Most traffic violations or accidents lead to an increase in the cost of your insurance premium, which could affect your rate for up to three years.
Gap insurance is basically an "enhancement" to your collision and comprehensive coverage.

Your car is worth less now than the day you got it. Gap insurance can help make up that difference.

If you drive a car that is leased or financed and it gets totaled or stolen, gap insurance will cover part or all of what you still owe to the lender.
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One of the Chase Sapphire card’s most overlooked benefits is also one of its most valuable

The Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card comes with free primary rental car insurance, which is why I always pay for rental cards with my Sapphire.

Car insurance rates are going up for women across the US — here’s where they pay more than men

Car insurance rates are often gender-based. In 2018, women paid more for car insurance in 25 states, while men paid more in 21 states.
Know what to do when this happens.

Here’s exactly what you should do if you get in a fender bender

Odds are you'll experience at least one car accident. Here's what you should do if it happens to you.
Teen boys in California could see a 5% decrease in their auto rates.

California is the 6th state to ban car insurance companies from using gender to determine rates, and teen boys could benefit the most

California's ban on car insurance companies using gender to set auto rates could benefit males with less than three years of driving experience.
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How much car insurance costs in all 50 states

Michigan, Louisiana, and Florida had the highest average annual car insurance rates in the US while Vermont, Ohio, and Idaho had some of the lowest.
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One company dominates the list of the 20 most expensive cars to insure

The list of the most expensive cars to insure is dominated by Mercedes-Benz models.
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These are the states with the most expensive and cheapest car insurance rates in the country

Insure.com recently published an analysis on which states have the highest and lowest annual insurance rates, including the top-five in each category