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Most people in America still don’t use ride-hailing apps like Uber

It doesn't look like car ownership is dying anytime soon.

Former Tesla and BMW exec says self-driving cars will start to kill car ownership in just 5 years

Georg Bauer, who has held executive positions at BMW, Mercedes, and Tesla, said he could see car ownership die in five to 10 years thanks to autonomous tech.

This might be the only time it’s cheaper to use Uber instead of owning your own car

A Deutsche Bank comparison of the costs of car ownership and ride sharing apps shows that, for the moment at least, owning your own car is generally cheaper.

This new on-demand transportation app wants to be ‘the Amazon Prime of cars’

You'll be able to lease a brand-new car entirely through your smartphone, and have it delivered to you. The $300-per-month service also comes with some extras.