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European car sales look set for a second annual decline

European car sales took a dive in June — and the industry looks set to drop for a second straight year

Daimler has issued a profit warning and BMW has issued a quarterly automotive division loss due to the fall in sales.

Cars are driving us into recession

In the US, 7 million Americans have gone into "serious delinquency" on their car loans. And in Europe, many people have simply stopped buying cars.

Ford halts production at its Mustang factory for a week after suffering a major sales decline

The Ford Mustang suffered a 32% sales decline in the US in September.

This guy was so frustrated about buying a lemon that he vowed to revolutionize used cars

China's largest automaker is now backing Beepi after the startup's latest fundraising round took in more than $70 million.

Ford CEO: The US car market will keep booming, and we’re not worried about millennials

Ford CEO Mark Fields says current conditions support US sales of 17 million to 18 million vehicles for the next couple of years.

Goldman Sachs just poured millions into a startup that wants to make selling your car less annoying

Shift wants to make selling your car less of a pain and has raised $50 million from Goldman Sachs to do it.