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These 29 little lifestyle changes will help you get through the day with less carbon emissions.

29 things you can do for a lower carbon footprint that will hardly change your day

Climate change is real, and there are ways to mitigate it. Here's what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint without changing your whole life.

SingPost unveils smart stamp, letterbox prototypes

The smart stamps, embedded with data matrix codes – similar to a QR code – can encode information on the sender and receiver.
Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Jeff Bezos just announced an ambitious climate pledge that aims to make Amazon carbon neutral by 2040

Amazon said it will meet the sustainability goals of the UN Paris agreement 10 years early, and by 2040, the company will be carbon neutral.

CapitaLand is putting over 20,000 solar panels on 6 of its buildings – that’s enough power for 2,300 HDB flats a year

The combined solar panel facility could be the largest of its kind in Singapore by a real estate company.

PUB is building one of the world’s largest floating solar panel systems that could generate enough power for 13,500 HDB flats every year

It will cut carbon dioxide emissions by 28,000 tonnes every year - the equivalent of removing 6,000 cars off roads.
Robert Downey Jr. announces the Footprint Coalition at Amazon's inaugural re:MARS, June 4, 2019, Las Vegas.

Robert Downey Jr. has vowed to use robotics and AI to significantly clean up the Earth in the next decade

At his talk at Amazon's Machine Learning, Automation, Robotics and Space conference he announced a new initiative called Footprint Coalition.
Aluminum sits in a metals recycling plant in Rome.

How many carbon emissions you can actually save by doing these 10 things

Cutting down your carbon footprint may seem like a lofty goal, but some simple swaps can have a noticeable impact.
A reusable water bottle is key.

13 ways to help the Earth that sound hard but aren’t

There are little steps you can take every day to help the environment. Here are some easy ways to make a positive impact on Earth.
Climate scientist Katharine Hayhoe has a simple trick for reducing her own impact on the warming planet.

The one thing a renowned climate scientist does to reduce her own impact on the environment

Climate scientist Katherine Hayhoe says she's changed the lightbulbs in her house to LEDs and she tries to eat less beef. But there's one much bigger, more surprising action she's taking to better reduce her carbon footprint, and it's completely transformed the way she works.
Deforestation at a logging camp in Mandalay, Myanmar.

On August 1, we’ll have consumed more resources than the Earth can regenerate in a year — here’s how you can reduce your ecological ...

Earth Overshoot Day is the day each year when humans have consumed a year’s worth of the planet’s natural resources. In 2018, it falls on August 1. If everyone lived like US residents, we would need five earths to meet our annual consumption. Want to reduce your ecological footprint? Here's how.