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5 signs you’re not as good at your job as you think, according to a career expert

Job success can lead to promotions, salary increases, and personal growth in your field. There are things that hold you back from career advancement, such as doing the bare minimum and needing constant direction. Here are five signs, from an expert, that you’re not as good at your job as you think.

Inside the most inspirational group text in the NFL and how it got started

A group text message started to relay logistics for the ATU business combine took a life of its own and become the bond for 29 NFL players.

This former Twitter exec never went to college, learned to code at the White House, and was a terrible boss until he met Ben Horowitz

Wade Chambers is a self-taught programmer with a fabulous career. He shares his tips on how anyone can learn anything to boost their career.
Facebook rotational project managers (RPMs) on an international trip they took as part of the program. From left, Jasmine Stoy, Eric Wei, Emily Chen, Jasmine Xu, Mike Weingert, Olivier Bouan, and Rachel Lambert

This Facebook recruiting initiative turned a psychology major into a sought-after product manager

You, too, could be a product manager at Facebook — whether or not you have a technical background.

A 5-year study of 5,000 workers reveals exactly how you’re sabotaging your own success at work

In "Great at Work," management professor Morten T. Hansen argues that working harder isn't the key to success. Instead it's about working smarter.
Snowflake Computing CEO Bob Muglia.

How ex-Microsoft exec Bob Muglia triumphed over two humiliating demotions to become CEO of hot startup Snowflake

He found his bootstraps and positive attitude and took the lessons he learned — good and bad — to his first CEO role.

A former Facebook exec says anyone can try the smartest thing she’s done for her career

Debra Bednar-Clark, CEO and founder of DB+Co, found that redefining success was critical to her career.

Lloyd Blankfein was given 2 bits of advice when he became a partner at Goldman Sachs, and they sum up the company culture

The New York-native, whose net worth tops $1 billion, has been the bank's CEO and chairman since 2006.

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein describes the kind of people he wants to hire

In an interview with a professor of global leadership at Thunderbird School of Management, Blankfein explained the characteristics and experiences he looks for in his team.

Too many people make a career mistake that lets their dream job pass them by

The CEO and COO of The Muse, authors of "The New Rules of Work," say it's crucial to be proactive about your career progression.