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No need to list your rock climbing hobby on your resume.

9 managers reveal the resume red flags that keep them from hiring someone

You may be tempted to fluff up your resume with every single job you've had and every class you've ever taken, but recruiters say that's a mistake. Irrelevant hobbies and links to your social media accounts are other things that you should take off your resume right away.
These subtle mistakes could cost you a job.

15 managers reveal the interview red flags that keep them from hiring someone

If you've ever left a job interview thinking you nailed it and then never gotten a call back, you might have made some of these mistakes without even realizing. Bad-mouthing your last job, lying about your skills, and even wearing too much perfume can ruin your chances of getting the job.

4 ways you’re making your job harder than it needs to be

Procrastinating on difficult tasks and missing out on collaboration are some of the ways you may be making your life harder at work.Here are four ways you're making your job harder than it needs to be, and how to fix them.
"Do something you enjoy."

11 career experts share the best job advice they’ve ever received

Career advice can come from anywhere and everywhere, from your family and friends to your colleagues and bosses — you can also learn career dos and don'ts from trial and error. Here, 11 career experts share the best job advice they've received.
Can you read your boss?

12 signs your boss is impressed with you, even if it doesn’t seem like it

Signs your boss likes you aren't always super obvious. If you're worried about whether or not your manager supports you, consider these more subtle signs.
The author learned these life lessons the hard way so you don't have to.

I just turned 40 — here are 8 life lessons I wish I’d learned a decade ago

Life lessons often come from experience, but hopefully my advice can keep you from having to learn them the hard way.
Figuring out how to become a star employee in your boss's eyes can be tricky.

The one proven thing you can do to get on your boss’s good side

It can be hard to wow you boss. But, showing initiative can take you from being a good employee to a great one in your boss's opinion. Here's how to do just that.
Make sure you and your boss are on the same page. Libby Leffler pictured.

A former Googler and Facebook exec says your parents’ career path is just about dead, and there’s a better way to move up in the world

The career ladder is a thing of the past, says former Googler and Facebook executive Libby Leffler. Instead, Leffler advocates approaching your career like a "jungle gym," an idea that's also been publicized by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Why you need to be resilient, relentless and revolutionary in life

Change is the only constant and competition has become more intense and from various fronts.
Certain desk items like a planner and a good office chair can enhance your productivity.

6 things you should always keep at your desk

Your desk is your space at work where you complete your job-related tasks. You should organize your desk in a way that enhances productivity, rather than clutter it with items that distract you. Here are six things, like a good office chair and desk planner, you should always keep at your desk.