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Business Insider is hiring a paid retail reporting intern

Join the retail team as an intern and cover all the things people spend their money on.
Careers don't have to follow linear progressions, experts say.

Experts say too many people suffer from a ‘delusional belief’ about their careers that doesn’t do them any favors

Some experts say that our belief in the "career myth" — the idea that careers follow a linear path — is holding us back. It's no longer the case that employees can expect incremental chances to advance up the career ladder.

The 23 best icebreakers to use at a party where you don’t know anyone

Summer parties where you know virtually no one can be awkward, especially if you're not sure how to start a conversation with complete strangers. These icebreakers should help you get an interesting conversation going with ease at any barbecue.

The top 30 companies where Ivy League graduates who studied computer science say they most want to work

A recent from study from software company Piazza rounded up the companies that computer science students from schools like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, University of Texas Austin, and Georgia Tech are most interested in working for.
Google headquarters.

Google is the number-one place college students want to work for the fifth year running —here’s what it’s doing right

Piazza asked 150,000 students from more than 600 schools in North America where they most wanted to work. For the past five years, their answer hasn't changed: It's Google.

Top tech talent is losing interest in working for Facebook — and the company’s tough year in headlines might be the cause

Students from universities like Stanford, MIT, Harvard, Yale, and Georgia Tech are losing interest in working at Facebook.
Megyn Kelly didn't get her breakout job until she was 39.

9 incredibly successful people who made their careers in their 30s

Plenty of successful people got their big career breaks in their 30s, including Jeff Bezos, Megyn Kelly, and Oprah Winfrey.

The 15 best states for finding a job in 2018

In the US, it's easier to find a good job in certain states. WalletHub recently released a study that took into account factors like unemployment, underemployment, job security, and state nondiscrimination laws and policies.

Business Insider Intelligence is hiring Summer Research Interns

Business Insider Intelligence hiring summer research interns

The top 12 jobs where you are most likely to cheat

Ashley Madison is a website where people in committed relationships go to find affairs. The company's data found that people with certain career choices are more likely to stray — here they are.