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From left to right: Caroline Calloway, Adam Neumann, and Elizabeth Holmes.

These are the best tech-themed and internet-inspired Halloween costumes in 2019, from Elizabeth Holmes to AirPods

Here are some of the best tech- and internet-themed costumes from this year's Halloween, from WeWork cofounder Adam Neumann to VSCO girls.

From scoring Adderall to a potential movie deal, Caroline Calloway took the stage at a Brooklyn podcast taping to ‘spill the tea’ on her g...

Calloway disputed her former ghostwriter Natalie Beach's telling of events during a taping of the Red Scare podcast in Brooklyn Friday.
Mutual respect is vital for friendships.

The saga of Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway shows the risks of being in a toxic friendship

If you feel like you have to act differently or catch yourself making excuses for your friend, it could mean your relationship isn't healthy.
Caroline Calloway at her workshop earlier this year.

Caroline Calloway’s story is a Fyre Festival-like drama playing out in real time, and we can’t stop paying attention to see how far it goe...

The internet can't stop watching Calloway as things plays out in real time, much like Fyre Festival: a viral sensation that people want to see fail.
Caroline Calloway at the University of Cambridge.

How Caroline Calloway went from Instagram influencer with a $500,000 book deal to the creator of her personal ‘Fyre Festival’

Calloway was thrust back into the public eye after her ghostwriter, Natalie Beach, penned a tell-all piece in The Cut about the Instagram star.
Caroline Calloway.

Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway bought followers and created her own fan base to sell her unwritten memoir, her ghostwriter claims in an explos...

In a tell-all piece for The Cut, influencer Caroline Calloway's former friend and ghostwriter, Natalie Beach, claims Calloway bought her fan base.
Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway hosts one of her "creative workshops" in New York.

I attended Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway’s 5-hour, $165 creativity workshop that people have called a ‘scam.’ Here’s ...

Caroline Calloway's Instagram-influencer workshops have drawn comparisons to the notorious Fyre Festival. Here's what it was like to attend.
Caroline Calloway.

An Instagram influencer is ‘un-canceling’ her $165 creativity workshops despite people calling them a Fyre Festival-like scam

Caroline Calloway is restarting her tour of "Creativity Workshop" seminars after she canceled it earlier this week.
Caroline Calloway.

Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway’s fans say her plans for a $165 seminar were ‘over her head’

Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway cancelled her seminar tour after criticism of it went viral. But her fans are sticking with her.
Caroline Calloway.

An Instagram influencer is canceling her tour after people called her $165 seminar a scam

Caroline Calloway, an Instagram influencer, said she would cancel her tour of $165 seminars after a Twitter thread calling it a "scam" went viral.