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Uber is launching ‘Uber Money,’ a financial services team that could help it save money and pay drivers more quickly

The ride-hailing company wants to eventually offer bank accounts to drivers, and possibly even riders.

The ongoing move out of stocks into bonds and cash is the biggest since 2008, Goldman Sachs says

The shift signals investors are selling stocks for stabler assets, as equities are more exposed to trade uncertainty and slowing economic growth.
If you're choosing between using cash versus a credit card, you'll probably want to go credit.

How to figure out if you should use credit, debit, or cash

Using cash vs a credit card might seem like a tricky choice, but in most cases, the answer is simple: Use credit, which records of your purchases.

An Oregon man who accidentally threw $23,000 into a recycling bin has been reunited with his cash

The man from Ashland, Oregon, had realized he put the shoebox full of money into his recycling bin after it had already been emptied on to a truck.

Google parent Alphabet has dethroned Apple as the world’s cash king after a decade of dominance

Investors don't want companies to hold onto large amounts of liquid assets. They'd prefer it go to share buybacks or dividends.

Apple’s sleek new titanium credit card may be weeks away from launching

The Apple Card's release date may only be weeks away, says a new report. The Apple Card was announced in March and is set to launch this summer.

Your credit card can probably help you get cash, a replacement card, or a place to stay during an emergency abroad. Here’s how it works.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express offer a rich set of benefits to assist stranded travelers, if you find yourself without money abroad.
A receipt given after paying cash at Amazon Go's new store in New York City,

Amazon’s latest store proves the cashless dream is dead

Cashless stores such as those from Amazon and Sweetgreen were once hailed as the future, but they're increasingly looking like the past.
The new Amazon Go store accepts cash.

Amazon just opened its first Go store that accepts cash. Here’s what it’s like to shop there.

Amazon's first Go store in New York also offers the ability to pay with cash. Here's how it works.

General Electric drops sharply after CEO says it will keep burning cash

General Electric dropped more than 7% Tuesday after CEO Lawrence Culp said he sees negative free cash flow this year.