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Rev. Patrick Conroy.

Things have gotten so bad in Congress that a priest prayed to ‘cast out all spirits of darkness’ on the House floor

After a long and contentious week on Capitol Hill, the House chaplain prayed to "cast out all spirits of darkness" on the House floor.

Paul Ryan allows House Chaplain to ‘remain in his position’ after receiving scathing letter that rescinded his resignation

The Catholic priest who has served as chaplain of the House of Representatives since 2011, rescinded his resgination on Thursday after a week of confusion and feuding with House Speaker Paul Ryan, who requested Rev. Patrick Conroy step down.

Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte personally ordered the investigation of a 71-year-old nun for being an ‘undesirable foreigner’

Duterte said he ordered the investigation into "disorderly conduct" by Sister Patricia Fox for taking part in a human rights fact-finding mission.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte gestures as he delivers his state of the nation address at Congress in Manila on July 24, 2017.

Philippines’ controversial President Rodrigo Duterte changed his mind on same-sex marriage — for the third time

Duterte embraced same-sex unions during his election campaign but backtracked earlier this year.