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The best products you can buy to reduce litter box odor

Cats bring a lot of great stuff to your home, but one thing that isn't so great is the litter box smell. These best ways to reduce cat litter box odor.
Cat Costumes.

19 adorable Halloween costumes for your cat

Even though you might bring your cat to any Halloween festivities, your feline friend can still look fabulous for the holiday.

10 pictures that prove the world’s most powerful weapons are less scary when there’s a giant cat sitting on them

The man behind Twitter's "Military Giant Cats" superimposes massive cats onto tanks and destroyers for a bizarre combo you didn't know you needed.
Chewy is THE one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies.

I use Chewy to regularly save up to 10% on pet supplies — it’s even known to send personalized pet portraits as a surprise

Chewy is the one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies. It takes the ease and appeal of Amazon and translates it to the Prime for Pets.
In Mount Barker, there will be a limit of two cats per property.

An Australia town has introduced a 2 cat per household limit after the country announced a plan to cull millions of cats by 2020

Australia has a cat problem. One town is doing its part by limiting every household to two cats, max.
Lil Bub, Mr. Pokee, and Crusoe the Dachshund.

From Jiff Pom to Lil Bub, these are the 23 most popular pet influencers

The world of pet influencers has boomed in recent years, spawning animal-specific influencer agencies, major brand campaigns, and TV appearances.
Meet Muddle, a Selkirk Rex cat.

Everything you need to know about ‘sheep cats,’ the curly-haired cats going viral on Instagram

"Sheep cats," or Selkirk Rex, a breed of curly-haired cat, is going viral, and it's easy to see why.
Feline fanatics, consider yourselves vindicated — research says the "crazy cat lady" trope is a myth.

The ‘crazy cat lady’ myth has been debunked — it turns out cat owners aren’t more lonely or anxious than anyone else

Researchers found that cat owners, dog owners, and pet-less folks all had similar levels of depression, anxiety, and relationship problems.
Cats and dogs can sometimes get along quite well.

12 things to know if you want to have both a cat and a dog at the same time

Having two pets of different species can be a handful and although it's possible to care for both animals, there's no guarantee they'll get along

8 things every pet owner should know, according to experts

Sometimes the way you talk to your dog can impact how well it listens and behaves. Plus, you could be feeding your pet too much.