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11 pet startups that are taking on traditional brands with more innovative products

For everything your pet needs — food, toys, treats, supplies, beds — you can shop at these 11 startups making innovative pet products.

The best cat food you can buy

Cats need a special diet that's rich in fats and protein. We've researched to find the best cat food to ensure your cat gets the right nutrients.
Goose the Cat is the star of "Captain Marvel."

Goose the Cat is becoming the breakout star of ‘Captain Marvel,’ and fans are here for it

People are raving about Goose the Cat, the orange-colored animal that shares screen time with Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson in the latest Marvel movie.

The best feeders to help your cat lose weight

These are the best cat feeders to help your cat lose weight. Our top picks encourage cats to eat slower and work for their food to stimulate activity.
Chewy is THE one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies.

I use Chewy to regularly save up to 10% on pet supplies — it’s even known to send personalized pet portraits as a surprise

Chewy is the one-stop-shop for all of your pet supplies. It takes the ease and appeal of Amazon and translates it to something along the lines of Prime for Pets.
After petting and feeding a stray cat while on vacation, UK-based Gemma Birch began feeling faint, vomiting, and experiencing an extremely swollen stomach.

A woman developed an uncommon disease after petting a stray cat, and her body basically attacked itself

After petting and caring for a stray cat while on vacation, Gemma Birch developed a rare autoimmune disease called Guillain-Barré syndrome.
Timid and anxious or mini psychopathic lion plotting to kill you? Who knows.

Your own anxiety could be making your cat stressed out

Human behaviour can have a big impact on how pets feel.
Fluffy before and after her recovery.

A cat who was found frozen and buried under snow during the polar vortex has thawed out and made a full recovery

Fluffy the cat was brought into the Animal Clinic fo Kalispell, Montana, on January 31, when temperatures hit a low of 9F.
Sharing a bed with their cats gave owners weaker feelings of comfort and security at bedtime.

8 things you didn’t know were poisonous to cats

If you're a cat owner or looking to become one, take note of these things that you probably didn't realize are poisonous to cats.
You can purchase the slippers in a USB or wireless format.

These heated slippers that look like angry cats will keep your feet warm all winter

The brand Smoko is selling a pair of warm-up slippers on Amazon. Heated footwear isn't exactly a new concept, but this pair stands out from the rest.