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Vitaminwater wants to pay you $100,000 to give up your smartphone for a year

Vitaminwater is offering $100,000 to one person who can go without their smartphone for an entire year.

Some millennial and Gen Z couples are giving each other fingerprint access to their phones

Young couples say it's convenient and serves as a measure of trust in the relationship.

Cell-phone owners just tipped the scale toward the death of landlines

New data from the CDC finds the majority of US homes now use wireless phones instead of landlines.

Cell phones are ruining street life, says legendary New York photographer

Photographer Richard Sandler believes people look boring when they're on the phone.

A group of spectators with cell phones helped a young golfer nail his final putt of the night

Despite debate over whether cell phones should be permitted at golf tournaments, for one golfer cell phones allowed him to finish his round.

9 sneaky ways cell phone companies get you to pay more

According to a Pew survey, 90% of American adults own cell phones. And they're paying for it.

Someone has finally created a cool minimalist phone that I want to try

I long, sometimes, for the pre-smartphone era, when phones were used mainly to make calls. Not even text, even though they had the crude capacity to do so.

Verizon CFO: For Millennials, this is the thing in wireless ‘that frustrates them the most’

It's not about the phones or the prices, it's about one little icon.