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Here’s how much Obamacare premiums will increase in every state

Obamacare premiums are actually declining for 2019, with the cost for an average benchmark silver-level plan dropping by 0.8% from 2018.
Donald Trump and Barack Obama.

The Trump administration is trying to make it easier for states to undermine Obamacare on their own, and it could reshape the US healthcare landscape

Trump's Department of Health and Human Services and Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services released new guidance for Section 1332 waivers, which allows states to make adjustments to their healthcare systems. According to experts, the changes could undermine some of Obamacare's protections.
Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama

Trump’s plan to reshape the healthcare system without repealing Obamacare is coming together

President Donald Trump's administration is rolling out a new rule to expand the use of short-term health insurance plans on Wednesday. While the administration says the plans will help lower healthcare costs, many experts say that the lower costs come at the expense of robust coverage.

The Trump administration blocked a move that would have wrecked Obamacare

Seema Verma, the administrator for HHS' Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, blocked a move by the state of Idaho that would have undermined Obamacare.

The Trump administration just opened the door to an enormous change to Medicaid

For the first time in the 52-year history of the Medicaid program, states will be allowed to require that Medicaid recipients have a job or be in school.

The Trump administration just proposed big changes to Obamacare

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on Wednesday proposed big changes to the administration of the healthcare law known as Obamacare.

It’s do or die for Obamacare

Tuesday marks the start of open enrollment for the 2017 plan year for the Affordable Care Act's public exchanges.

The rise, fall, and pivot of Theranos, in one graphic

With Theranos leaving the clinical lab business, here are the moments that led to the rise, fall, and pivot Theranos has gone through in the past year.

Theranos fights back

Theranos is appealing the government sanctions that have barred its CEO, Elizabeth Holmes, from running a blood-testing lab for two years.