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Vivo X20 Plus smartphone with an in-display fingerprint scanner

Samsung’s Galaxy S9 may not have an in-display fingerprint scanner but it might have the underlying technology

Rumors suggest Samsung's Galaxy S9 may not have an in-display fingerprint sensor, new reports say it may include some building blocks for the feature.
The D in Las Vegas is one of the very few places in the city to accept bitcoin.

I tried to buy $1 of bitcoin from a Las Vegas ATM — and it just proves how far bitcoin is from replacing regular money

My first attempt at seriously using bitcoin gave me some real doubts as to whether or not the currency has a real future at all.

17 of the most bizarre photos from this year’s CES tech industry trade show

CES had some bizarre moments this year, and fortunately they were captured on camera.

A new Game Boy is in the works in 2018, but it’s not from Nintendo

Hyperkin's "Ultra Game Boy" is a beautifully modernized version of Nintendo's classic handheld game console.
The power went out at CES in Las Vegas on Wednesday.

The power just went out at CES, the biggest electronics conference of the year

Attendees at CES in Las Vegas ran into a small problem Wednesday, just one day after a rainstorm flooded the Central Hall.
Huawei consumer business group CEO Richard Yu

‘Consumers don’t have the best choice’: Huawei’s CEO went off-script and gave an impassioned speech after AT&T killed its...

BI Prime: It was supposed to be Huawei's big night. But after AT&T threw a wrench in those plans, Huawei's Richard Yu spoke out.

Samsung will reveal the Galaxy S9 in February

Samsung debunked rumors that it would announce the Galaxy S9 at CES this week, saying its launch event will take place during Mobile World Congress next month.

Google’s CES booth flooded due to heavy rain — and employees were bailing out the water in buckets

Google's booth is closed on Tuesday due to heavy rains in Las Vegas.

Razer’s crazy ‘Project Linda’ concept turns a powerful smartphone into an entire laptop

Razer is notorious for crazy projects, and 2018 is no different. This is "Project Linda."