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A CFL lineman celebrated a touchdown by chugging a real beer and smashing the can on his helmet

Redblacks offensive lineman Jon Gott took a beer from his girlfriend and chugged it.
Johnny Manziel flashed some of his old play and flashiness.

Johnny Manziel threw his first touchdown since 2015 on a flashy trick play and brought back his signature celebration

Johnny "Football" Manziel threw his first CFL touchdown Sunday and brought back his famous "money" celebration to commemorate the moment.
Johnny Manziel made his second start for the Montreal Alouettes in the CFL.

Johnny Manziel took a huge hit and appeared to suffer a head injury in his second CFL start but was not taken out of the game

Johnny Manziel made his second start for the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL after being acquired in a mid-season trade. Manziel showed improvement in his second start, but he did take a huge hit that left many wondering if he had suffered a concussion.

Johnny Manziel throws 4 interceptions and gets benched in absolutely disastrous CFL debut

Johnny Manziel's return to football did not go according to plan.

Johnny Manziel says he’s signed his contract with the CFL and is set to return to football with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats

After a two year absence from professional football, Johnny Manziel says he has signed a contract with the CFL that will see him joining the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and competing for the Grey Cup.

Johnny Manziel made a move that could mean a return to football is closer than expected

Johnny Manziel activated a 10-day window for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the CFL to sign him, trade him, or cut him, meaning other CFL teams are interested.

A Canadian football fan missed out on $1 million jackpot because of a penalty many felt was a bad call

Karen Kuldys was all set to make a million dollars thanks to Martese Jackson of the Toronto Argonauts, but a flag on the play kept her from collecting the prize