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Warren Buffett and Justin Sun.

Crypto whiz kid Justin Sun’s $4.6 million lunch with Warren Buffett has sparked China conspiracies, public apologies, and an invite for Donald T...

Key events include Sun winning the charity auction, delaying, and apologizing for the hype after Chinese officials reportedly detained his employees.

The crypto whiz kid who postponed his $4.6 million lunch with Warren Buffett is working to reschedule it

"We are in the process of corralling all of those nine people again to get it back on track," Tron's communications director said.

A crypto whizkid postponed his $4.6 million lunch with Warren Buffett, fueling reports that he’s trapped in China

Justin Sun, founder of the Tron cryptocurrency and chief executive of BitTorrent, blamed a bout of kidney stones for rescheduling.

A crypto founder paid $4.6 million to have lunch with Warren Buffett, who called bitcoin ‘rat poison squared’

Just Sun, a crypto founder based in Singapore, won Warren Buffett's charity-lunch auction with a $4.6 million bid.

You can take part in a charity auction to win lunch with Warren Buffett. Here’s what you need to know.

The annual charity auction for lunch with Warren Buffett kicks off May 26. Last year's auction raised $4 million.