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Charlie Sheen says he decided to get sober the day after he was too drunk to drive his daughter to an appointment

The former "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen opened up in an interview on Thursday about his sobriety, and the moment he hit rock bottom.

They’re calling it ‘The Sheen Effect’

The week Charlie Sheen disclosed he was HIV-positive, sales of at-home test kits for the virus rose 95%, according to a new study.

Charlie Sheen says he ‘regrets ruining Two and a Half Men’

In a follow-up interview with Today on Tuesday, Charlie Sheen talked about his HIV infection, past regrets, and anger toward a controversial treatment he sought in Mexico.

A condom brand has signed up Charlie Sheen as its spokesman

Charlie Sheen is the new face of the Lelo Hex condom.

LAPD launches investigation of Charlie Sheen over ex-fiancee’s abuse allegations

Los Angeles police are actively pursuing claims that Charlie Sheen threatened his ex.

Here’s how much TMZ pays for scandalous celebrity videos of Ray Rice, Justin Bieber, Jay Z, and more

When it comes to getting Hollywood gossip, money equals access.

A doctor who’s not licensed to practice medicine in the US but is now treating Charlie Sheen’s HIV reportedly injected himself with the ac...

Sheen announced that he was off his meds and getting treatment from a physician named Sam Chachoua who is not licensed to practice medicine in the US.

Charlie Sheen says his levels of HIV are now detectable after going off meds

Charlie Sheen appeared on Dr. Oz's show to say that the HIV virus has higher traces in his blood.

Charlie Sheen is reportedly off his HIV medication and seeking alternative treatment

Charlie Sheen claims he's quit taking his HIV meds on Dr. Oz's show according to People.

Jenny McCarthy thinks she should’ve been told about Charlie Sheen’s HIV status

Jenny McCarthy takes issue with Charlie Sheen not disclosing his HIV status earlier.