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There’s a simple way to tell the US job market is not as strong as it appears

US wage growth remains weak given the low level of unemployment, suggesting the job market still has room for improvement.

Jobs report beats as wage growth soars at its fastest pace since the Great Recession

The US jobs report released Friday showed that wages increased in August at their fastest year-on-year pace since the Great Recession. The report also showed that employers added more nonfarm payrolls than had been forecast, while the unemployment rate remained at an 18-year low of 3.9%.

Bitcoin drops sharply and suddenly — and now cryptos across the board are getting slammed

Bitcoin dropped sharply Wednesday, losing $500 of value in just over an hour. Other cryptocurrencies fell even more sharply, with both ether and Ripple's XRP losing about 12%.

It’s not just Facebook: Customer confidence in social media companies has deteriorated overall

Only 27% of US consumers said they felt confident that social media companies were keeping their data secure, while 37% said they did not, according to a survey.

The numbers of hours Americans watch TV every day is incredibly different depending on your age

Young adults aged 18 to 34 watch a third of the amount of television that their older counterparts ages 50-64 do.
A tent city for the homeless in downtown Reno, Nevada.

A ‘boogeyman in the housing market’ is making it tougher for Americans to own homes, Morgan Stanley says

Home sales in the US are slowing, and the bogeyman is affordability, Morgan Stanley analysts say. Americans are spending the most money in almost a decade on mortgage payments as a share of their incomes, they said.

Over half of American teenagers say that they spend too much time on their phones, and they’re trying to cut back

More than half of a sample group of American teens surveyed admitted that they spend too much time on their phones and that they've tried to cut back at some point.

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi has grabbed a healthy slice of the smartphone market at an impressively quick pace

That number is nearly two-thirds of the profit the company made in the entire year of 2017, meaning the fourth largest smartphone maker in the world is not slowing down.

This chart shows how divided tech workers are over Google’s reported new Chinese search engine

A majority of Google employees involved in an anonymous poll voted in favor of their company's move to relaunch a search engine in China that would align with the country's censorship rules.

Obama made one of history’s greatest stock market calls 9 years ago

Obama was answering a reporter's question about the stock market. But he could not have known that it would end up being one of the most perfectly timed market calls ever. The current bull market is one day away from being the longest on record.