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The number of messages sent via WhatsApp each day has tripled since Facebook bought it four years ago

WhatsApp wasn't widely considered a sound investment by Facebook, which had a messaging platform of its own and more than twice the number of monthly active users, but its growth in the years since says otherwise.

The opening shots have been fired in a battle between Apple and China’s most valuable company

This is shaping up to be one of the biggest battles between American and Chinese tech giants in memory.

Anonymous app Yik Yak, once valued at $400 million, reportedly sold its engineers to Square for $3 million

Yik Yak, a once-loved anonymous chat app for college students, has sold its engineering team to Square for $3 million.

Business Insider is on LINE, the messaging app beating Facebook in Asia

Business Insider is everywhere you are. Follow us on Line!

Battle of the chat apps: How Slack, Facebook Workplace and Microsoft Teams stack up to each other

Email, at least between the people you work with, is finally dying thanks to work group chat apps. Here's a comparison of the biggest new competitors.

Here’s the Slack-sized mountain Microsoft’s new chat app will have to climb

Despite some recent struggles, Slack should still be a worthy adversary for new rival Microsoft.