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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, is a resort town town for its beautiful beaches.

The cheapest destinations you can visit in 2020

Kayak's 2020 Travel Hacker Guide analyzed millions of flights to determine which trips from the US will be the most wallet-friendly in 2020.

JetBlue is the latest airline to sell basic economy — here’s what the most restrictive fare includes

The airline's new Blue Basic fare still allows carry-on bags, but boards last, charges extra for seat assignments, and prohibits changes.
The author, Natalia Lusinski, has been living in traveling in Europe since early 2017.

I’ve been working and traveling abroad for 2 years and I never plan a trip in advance. Here are my best tips for booking travel at the last minu...

Waiting until the last minute to book your flights and housing can save you money if you know the best strategies.

RANKED: The 18 cheapest beach holiday destinations in Europe

If you're looking for a cheap beach holiday this summer, you should head to Bulgaria and Turkey.
Bodrum, Turkey.

RANKED: The 10 cheapest destinations for an all-inclusive holiday

From Morocco to Greece, with an all-inclusive holiday, all you need to worry about is which pool to dip your toes in.
This Latvian city came in third place, but which one came out on top?

RANKED: The 19 cheapest holiday destinations in Europe

From Rome to Riga, this list is sure to fuel your Spring travel wanderlust.

A decision you make months before a trip determines how much money you’ll be able to save

It's nearly impossible to save money on airfare if you've chosen your destination and dates. If you want cheap travel, you have to be flexible.