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One chef couldn't live without their stand mixer.

13 tools that chefs always have in their kitchens

Even if you're a home chef, it pays to have the right tools. We asked some chefs about which kitchen tools that they always keep by their sides.
A "bring-your-own-table" restaurant is opening in London.

A London restaurant is offering a free 6-course Italian meal to anyone who brings their own table

The menu, created by celebrity Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, includes a cheesy potato and smoked pancetta traybake, lasagne, and summer berry tiramisu.
Busy New York executives are willing to spend big bucks for time-saving help.

New York execs are paying up to $350 an hour to have their closets organized and dishing out $300 for personal chef services — and it’s no...

Alix Strauss for The New York Times reports that many New York executives are paying hourly or weekly rates for personal helpers in order to save time.
Kevin Dubel (not pictured) is a chef at a high-end restaurant.

Here’s what a chef at a top-rated restaurant eats in a typical day

From cereal to burritos, here's what a professional chef at a top-rated restaurant eats in a typical day.
"MasterChef" season three winner Christine Hà will open her first restaurant, The Blind Goat, this April.

Christine Hà, the ‘MasterChef’ winner known as ‘The Blind Cook,’ is now opening her first restaurant

Chef Christine Hà spoke to INSIDER about her new restaurant The Blind Goat, and life after winning "MasterChef."
McCown said he sometimes eats granola for breakfast.

Here’s what 3 different chefs at high-end restaurants eat in a day

From granola to breakfast tacos, here's what professional chefs at three different high-end, award-winning restaurants eat in a day.
Chris and Jeff Galvin.

The world’s only Michelin-starred brothers tell us why not showing up to a reservation is the worst thing a diner can do

"Restaurants are a bit of a doormat where people think they don't have to turn up," Chris Galvin told Business Insider.
Trader Joe's.

11 chefs share the one food they always buy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe's has so many options, it can be difficult to know what to pick. We rounded up some chefs' favorite Trader Joe's foods.
If you have a couple skills, you will be able to make lots of recipes.

The healthiest and unhealthiest oils to cook with, according to experts

Chances are you use oil almost every day for cooking but it can be difficult to figure out which oil is best for which dish and best for your health.
Sometimes it might be a better idea to order in.

5 times you shouldn’t eat at a restaurant, according to chefs

Going out to eat is a fun thing to do, but there are some times that restaurants should be avoided. Chefs share when it's not worth it to eat out.