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Warren Buffett is taking sides in the bidding war for energy giant Anadarko

Berkshire Hathaway, the investment conglomerate controlled by Warren Buffett, is reportedly providing financing to Occidental Petroleum in its bid for Anadarko.

Chevron and Anadarko just announced a $50 billion oil megadeal and used a word that should terrify their employees

Chevron and Anadarko's promise of $2 billion in synergies following their $33 billion merger will likely mean job losses.
Roughneck Brian Waldner is covered in mud and oil while wrestling pipe on a True Company oil drilling rig outside Watford, North Dakota.

Chevron is buying Anadarko in a $50 billion oil megadeal

Chevron, the world's third-largest energy company, has agreed to buy Anadarko petroleum in a $33 billion deal.

A new analysis suggests Hurricane Harvey caused 4.6 million pounds of chemicals to be released — but the risk is still unclear

Hurricane Harvey struck the heart of Texas' oil refining industry, and released cancer-causing gases like carbon monoxide and benzene, among others.

Chevron’s CEO is stepping down

A successor has not yet been formally approved.

‘All options are on the table’ for Trump to go after Venezuela, but the side effects could be severe

The Trump administration is weighing a number of harsh measures against the Venezuelan government, but each could come with damaging side effects.

Boeing, Chevron, and other huge companies are spending $90 million on Trump’s inauguration

Trump's inauguration is paid for in large part by donations from companies like Boeing and Chevron. But he has declined to reveal the full list of donors.

Wells Fargo’s former CEO just resigned from the boards of Target and Chevron

Regulatory filings from both companies on Tuesday contained the news.

The 10 best energy companies to work for in America

These companies place a premium on employee satisfaction — and they pay well.