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Sister Jean can’t represent the Chicago Bulls during the NBA Draft lottery because she is not a representative of the organization

NBA rules won't allow the Bulls to get local hero Sister Jean to represent them at the draft lottery.
Robin Lopez won't be a healthy scratch for the Bulls as they finish out the season.

The NBA flat-out called out the Chicago Bulls for tanking

The NBA reached out to the Chicago Bulls to warn them that penalties could soon be on the way if they keep sitting healthy players.

Bulls player who was punched in the face by a teammate and missed the first 8 weeks has returned to the team and now they’re on fire

Nikola Mirotic is putting together a career year for the Bulls, who have not lost since his return to the floor.

Bulls player still isn’t talking to the teammate who punched him in the face, and the situation is getting uglier

Nikola Mirotic returned to the Bulls to work out but he won't talk to Bobby Portis after their October altercation.

Nikola Mirotic reportedly gave the Bulls an ultimatum to trade him or Bobby Portis after fight sent him to the hospital

Nikola Mirotic reportedly gave the Bulls a "me or him" ultimatum after teammate Bobby Portis punched him in the face.

Bulls player who signed a $27 million contract was hospitalized and is out indefinitely after getting punched by teammate

Nikola Mirotic and Bobby Portis reportedly got into an altercation at Bulls practice, leading to Portis punching Mirotic and sending him to the hospital.

More than half of the Golden State Warriors’ games will be on national TV — The Chicago Bulls will have 5

The Warriors will have 43 games on national TV this season. The Chciago Bulls will have five.

Jimmy Butler may have lost out on nearly $33 million by being traded to the Wolves in a blockbuster deal

Jimmy Butler is no longer eligible for the NBA's so-called "super max" contract now that he's on the Timberwolves and not the Bulls.

Minnesota Timberwolves land Jimmy Butler as first big domino to fall in the NBA star offseason movement

The deal looks like an immediate win for the Wolves, who land a legitimate star in Butler to pair with Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns.

The NBA world believes the Celtics are gearing up for a big trade to challenge the Cavs’ dominance in the East

The Celtics have the assets to trade for a star like Jimmy Butler, then make a splash in free agency to bolster their roster.