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A cougar, but not the one involved in this situation.

The woman who pried a cougar off her 7-year-old son said she acted reflexively: ‘I had a mom instinct’

In a new interview with CTV, Chelsea Lockhart said that her "mom instinct" took over when she saw her son in the mouth of a cougar on Friday.

I spent a week asking parents to share their top parenting tips — here are the 9 best things they told me

Becoming a new parent can be an overwhelming experience. I asked parents for their best advice.
Blythe Pepino, age 33, is the founder of the BirthStrike movement with spokeswoman Alice Brown.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wonders whether people should have kids in a climate-ravaged world. So does this movement of ‘BirthStrikers.’

A new movement of women refusing to bring children into a world doomed by climate changed has sprung into the global spotlight.

35 adorable photos prove that Prince Harry will definitely be a fun dad

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are expecting their first child in April. The royal is known for his goofy antics, and is often photographed meeting children at public events.
The author, his wife, and their 5-year-old son.

We give our child at least half an hour of playtime before school, and it’s made all our mornings better

Children thrive on routine, which is why my family gives our 5-and-a-half-year-old son at least 30 minutes of playtime before school.

At age 8, children in Singapore are youngest globally to get first internet device – and online safety is a growing concern, Google study finds

This is the youngest average age among all the countries surveyed, lower than the global average of 10 years old.
This photo is really angering the internet.

A viral photo of a young girl dressed as a nurse and a young boy dressed as a doctor is being called sexist

In the photo, the little girl is called "Nurse in Training," while the little boy is labeled "Doctor in Training." It's making the internet furious.
The author's daughter in Primary's Striped Baby Dress ($19.50).

Primary has quickly become one of my favorite online stores for affordable kids clothes — I have yet to find anything priced over $40

Primary makes high-quality baby, toddler, and kids clothing at prices any family's budget can handle. My son and daughter really seem to like the clothes.
Women at an exercise class for pregnant people.

26 questions about giving birth that you’ve been too afraid to ask, answered by 2 doctors

We asked two doctors 26 common questions pregnant people have about giving birth, from labor and delivery to how long you have to wait to have sex.