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China is pushing its Amazons and Googles to spend hundreds of millions on failing companies

Mixed ownership reform is starting in earnest in China, and it's going to cost healthy companies a fair amount of money.

The US fired the first shot in a trade war with China

What it boils down to is that the US just fired the first shot in a trade war with China, using a law that was supplanted by the WTO.

China mocks Kyle Bass… again

OPINION China's government has ordered banks to lower returns on wealth management products.

China just had a ‘Black Monday’

A new government agency is making the financial sector queasy in China.

China just went full-on Big Brother on its credit card system

Starting in September the government will know if you spend $150 on anything outside the country.

There’s really only one thing to wonder about after the Moody’s China downgrade

The rating agency said that China's mounting debt has become a concern.

There’s one part of this Trump-China deal that slaps a bunch of his supporters in the face

The Trump administration is sending a delegation to China for a "One Belt, One Road" forum.

Xi Jinping may have signaled a huge transformation for China’s economy

Reform has been the agenda since 2015, but it's been missing one important component until now.

This is how you know something desperate is going on in China’s economy

New year (of the rooster), same old problems with capital flight.

A key figure just presented China with a nasty choice for its economy

There are people out there even China wants to impress. Unfortunately, they are not impressed.