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Chinese eco park forced to stay shut after tourists strip away all its lotus flowers

The Sichuan attraction was due to reopen for the summer but managers decided there was no point after it was stripped bare of its most celebrated feature.

McDonald’s sells ‘youtiao’ in the US: New Donut Sticks almost identical to traditional dough sticks, Chinese say

Without the sugar topping, the similarity in taste of a McDonald's Donut Stick to a Chinese youtiao goes up to "95 per cent".

‘Farewell, so long’: Video of Taiwanese TV host’s assisted suicide fires up euthanasia debate

He collapsed in his son's arms as his family clapped and sobbed.

‘Drinking more coconut milk every day can make breasts fuller,’ Chinese ad claims

“Genuine Coconut Palm coconut juice, I drank from small to big."

University of Liverpool apologises to Chinese students for exam cheating warning

The office added fuel to the fire by saying: “We find that our Chinese students are usually unfamiliar with the word ‘cheating’ in English, and we therefore provided this translation.”

China’s central bank released a special edition banknote – but people have forgotten what cash looks like

It seems Chinese people have forgotten what money looks like.