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Grab teams up with Chinese online insurer ZhongAn for insurance joint venture in Southeast Asia

Grab is expanding from its core transport offerings into financial services and healthcare.

Samsung announced a collaboration in China with fashion brand Supreme – except it’s not actually Supreme

In an embarrassing turn of events, Supreme said Samsung's claims are "blatantly false and propagated by a counterfeit organisation".

Apple CEO Tim Cook hints at popularity of new lower cost iPhone XR in China

Apple is adjusting its strategy in China where it faces fierce competition from local brands.

Tencent announces a restructuring as challenges rise

Tencent's prospects are in question after years of spectacular growth.
VIPKid CEO Cindy Mi has a bold vision.

A 35-year-old who dropped out of high school had a vision of a utopian future for China, the US, and the world — and it’s led her to the f...

The Chinese education startup VIPKid, which connects fluent English-speaking teachers with Chinese students, is led by its 35-year-old high-school dropout founder, Cindy Mi, who believes the company can help bridge cultural gaps between China, the US, and elsewhere
Bike-sharing companies like Mobike and Ofo are getting lost in translation.

I tried the two Chinese bike-sharing giants trying to take over the world, and it was immediately obvious why they can’t seem to crack the US

One of the hottest sectors of Chinese tech is "dockless-bike sharing." The two primary companies, Mobike and Ofo, have expanded aggressively in recent years across the world. But both companies have faced unforeseen challenges upon trying to enter the US market.
Transparency with your customers can lead to a lot of trust. VIPKID CEO and founder Cindy Mi is pictured.

In 2014, hell broke loose for the CEO of a young startup — and the way she handled it helped her company become one of the fastest-growing in al...

Chinese education startup VIPKid, which connects fluent English-speaking teachers with Chinese students, raised $500 million in April for a valuation of over $3 billion. But a year after the company launched in 2014, it had a unusual crisis that nearly derailed the company.