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Street scene in Chinatown in the Manhattan district. Chinatown is at the top of the list of sights of almost all New York visitors.

4 homeless men appear to have been killed with a metal object in New York City’s Chinatown while they were sleeping

A 24-year-old man who is also believed to be homeless was taken into custody after he was found nearby with a metal object.

Tiger Beer hid AR features on its Singapore-themed bottles – but you’ll only find them on these 4 designs

No time to explore Singapore? The island's iconic landmarks will come to you instead.

When night falls, some internet cafes double as shelters for the displaced

These relics of the dot-com boom have been home for the exhausted who cannot afford housing.

I went on a tour of Manhattan’s Chinatown and discovered some of the most unusual groceries I’ve ever seen

In honor of Chinese New Year, I went to a grocery store in Chinatown New York and discovered some unusual products.

I took an 18-hour bus ride from New York City to Atlanta for $40, and I liked it better than flying

This was hardly my first time taking the 14- to 18-hour trip to Atlanta, so allow me to present my guide to getting around the US on the Chinatown buses.