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These are the 10 Chinese stocks traders have bet the most against since the coronavirus outbreak

One place fear of coronavirus is particularly potent is in trading of US-listed Chinese stocks, where short interest has spiked.

Chinese stocks slide on report the White House is considering limits to US investment in China

The White House has been reportedly consider a wide-range of limits on US investors' flows into China.

China stock markets rally on Trump optimism before trade talks: ‘Good things are going to happen’

US and Chinese officials on Monday were set to begin two days of talks in Beijing. Ahead of the talks, President Donald Trump predicted "good things."
A man covers his face as he reads information displayed on an electronic screen at a brokerage house in Shanghai May 17, 2010.

Chinese stocks fall almost 5% in market bloodbath as investors digest a week of bad news in a single day

A weeklong holiday for Chinese markets meant investors had an entire five days of news and data to digest in just one session, including an escalation of the trade war between China and the US.
A reporter looks around a display of Microsoft China Center One during a media tour in Beijing April 14, 2015.

Chinese tech stocks are sinking after report says the Treasury Department is looking to block Chinese companies from investing in US companies involve...

The US Treasury Department is drawing up rules that would prevent firms with 25% or Chinese ownership from invest in US companies involved with "industrial significant technology."

MUNGER: ‘I do think the Chinese stock market is cheaper than the American stock market’

Charlie Munger painted a rosy picture for Chinese growth at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting on Saturday.

3 reasons why China’s efforts to reduce market volatility is actually making it worse

The Chinese government's rules to stabilize the stock market are just making things worse.