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A nasal ventilator is pictured as a patient suffering from COVID-19 is treated in a pulmonology hospital in Vannes, France, March 20, 2020.

The US is running low on more than a dozen drugs that hospitals need to treat critically ill coronavirus patients

Hospitals are at risk of running out of drugs used when patients are on ventilators, which could hinder their ability to care for patients

How to enroll in a clinical trial for a malaria drug that could help treat the coronavirus or stop you from catching it

Researchers will mail the drug to people who have been exposed to the virus, as well as to COVID-19 patients in the first days of showing symptoms.
A pharmacist fills a prescription at the Rock Canyon pharmacy in Provo, Utah

Some Americans who rely on 2 drugs to treat their arthritis or lupus can’t get prescriptions because Trump keeps touting them as potential treat...

People who need the medication to treat their chronic illness have reported shortages of the medication at pharmacies.

‘Trump kept saying it was basically pretty much a cure’: Woman whose husband died after ingesting chloroquine tells the public not to R...

"We saw Trump on TV — every channel — and all of his buddies and that this was safe," the woman told NBC News.

Elon Musk and Trump are touting a 1940s malaria pill as a potential coronavirus treatment. But supplies are already running short as prescriptions spi...

Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine rapidly went into shortage as demand spiked for the potential COVID-19 treatments.
Chloroquine, an anti-malaria pill, has shown early promise is treating COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus.

A malaria pill from the 1940s has caught the eyes of doctors, analysts, and even Elon Musk as a potential coronavirus treatment

Chloroquine stands out as a potentially simple, cheap, and scalable COVID-19 treatment, though we haven't seen data from randomized clinical trials.