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It’s Chris Christie’s last day in office — here’s how he became the least popular governor in New Jersey history

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie will leave office on Tuesday after a tenure marked by scandal, a failed presidential bid, and a shaky alliance with Donald Trump.
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie cancelled initial plans to build a new tunnel between New Jersey and New York in 2010.

Some New Jersey train commuters would have to pay almost $30 for a round-trip ticket to NYC once a rate hike goes into full effect

New Jersey residents who commute to New York may have to pay $0.90 more per trip starting in 2020, according to a new plan from NJ Gov. Chris Christie.

WHERE ARE THEY NOW: Trump’s first 10 big-name endorsements

Many of President Donald Trump's early endorsers are still strong supporters. Here are 10 of the biggest ones and where they are today.
White House senior adviser Jared Kushner.

CHRIS CHRISTIE ON JARED KUSHNER: ‘He deserves the scrutiny’ he’s getting in the Russia investigation

Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey said that White House senior adviser and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner "deserves the scrutiny" from the Russia probe.
Chris Christie.

Chris Christie defends Robert Mueller over escalating attacks against the Russia investigation

The New Jersey governor and close associate of Donald Trump told MSNBC that Trump and his allies should think twice about trying to discredit the investigation.

New Jersey’s Democratic governor-elect trolls Chris Christie with ‘Beachgate’ cutout photo

New Jersey Governor-elect Phil Murphy said he "couldn't resist" posing next to a cutout of Gov. Chris Christie lounging at the beach at a fundraiser.
Chris Christie.

Trump once reportedly abandoned an aide at McDonald’s because his burger order took too long

Two Trump's former top campaign aides claim that the then-Republican candidate once abandoned an aide at a McDonald's because his order was taking too long.
Chris Christie.

Former Trump adviser claims he planted fake viral story about Chris Christie fetching McDonald’s for Trump

A viral story about Chris Christie "fetching" Trump's McDonald's order was entirely made up and planted by a former Trump adviser in the New Yorker.

Democrat Phil Murphy elected governor of New Jersey

New Jersey voters elected Democrat Phil Murphy on Tuesday to replace the state's deeply unpopular outgoing Republican governor, Chris Christie.

Trump’s approval rating in 2 states holding big elections is even lower than it is nationally

Initial exit polls for Virginia and New Jersey show a low approval rating for President Donald Trump, and a win for Democrat candidates.