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Senators are at each other’s throats over Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and some fear there could be lasting damage

Republicans and Democrats are fighting back and forth in the Senate over the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. "I'm sure we'll get over it," Republican Sen. Roy Blunt said. "But it was not a helpful thing the way this has been handled."
Flake appeared was interviewed alongside his good friend, Democratic Sen. Chris Coons (right), who he collaborated with on the effort.

Sen. Jeff Flake explains why he decided to push for an FBI investigation into Brett Kavanaugh

In a "60 Minutes" interview, which aired Sunday, Sens. Jeff Flake and Chris Coons detailed their bipartisan effort to force an FBI investigation into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.
Jeff Flake.

Jeff Flake said he demanded an FBI investigation because the Senate ‘is coming apart at the seams’

Sen. Jeff Flake said his shock move in calling for a delay of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation vote was because the Senate is "falling apart." In an interview published Saturday, Flake said he was overwhelmed by the frenzy surrounding the vote and discouraged by partisan battles.
President Donald Trump

The whole point of the latest government shutdown is conspicuously absent from a new bill to avert another one

President Donald Trump on Monday roundly rejected the latest bipartisan bill addressing the fate of recipients of the DACA immigration program.

Trump is quietly moving at a furious pace to secure ‘the single most important legacy’ of his administration

It's mostly true that President Donald Trump is lagging in nominating for key posts in his administration — except in one area that could be his biggest legacy.

Top Democratic senator: I don’t think Chuck Grassley will be intimidated by a Trump tweet

A top senator told Business Insider that Grassley is unlikely to be swayed in his handling of the committee's Russia-related work by anything Trump tweets.

What you should know about the ending of a US contract some say amounts to ‘giving away the internet’

A historic transfer of internet power was scheduled to occur at midnight Saturday.