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Tesla’s former Autopilot head is launching a self-driving-car company — and it could have a big advantage

Aurora Innovations is a new self-driving-car startup headed by some of the brightest minds in Silicon Valley: Chris Urmson and Sterling Anderson.

The former head of Google’s self-driving car project has secretly been working on his own startup

Tesla filed a lawsuit against Aurora Innovation, a company headed by ex-Googler Chris Urmson and former Autopilot exec Sterling Anderson.

Tesla lawsuit alleges former Autopilot director poached employees for a competing self-driving-car venture

Tesla Motors has accused former Autopilot director Sterling Anderson of taking company information before launching a competing venture, according to a lawsuit.

How Google’s self-driving car project rose from a crazy idea to a top contender in the race toward a driverless future

Seven years after launching its self-driving car project, Google has made significant strides in building a fully driverless car.