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Pillsbury has recently released "Elf" sugar cookies.

Sugar cookies inspired by ‘Elf’ are now a thing and here’s where you can get them

Fans have recently spotted "Elf" themed cookies in stores and online. Just in time for the holiday season, you can now get ready-to-bake Buddy the Elf sugar cookies from Pillsbury. Here's where you can get find them.

13 places to visit in December for every type of traveler

The best places to visit in December include the "Hamptons of South America," a European capital filled to the brim with Christmas markets, and the rugged wilderness of Australia's southernmost state.
Featured in this photo is the Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb.

Lush’s new holiday collection is made to smell like festive food — and items are as cheap as $5

The beauty brand has shared a sneak peek of its new Lush Holiday Range, including a cola-scented bath bomb, cranberry-flavored lip scrub, and more. Here are 22 of the coolest products that are worth trying.

The Christmas lights at Orchard this year will feature Disney and Pixar characters – here’s what we know

It's the first branded Christmas Light-up on Orchard Road.

All the Monopoly rules you’ve probably been playing wrong your whole life

Nearly all of us have been getting the game wrong.

Here’s what people eat on Christmas in 21 countries around the globe

The Christmas meal varies greatly in different parts of the world.

The ’12 Days of Christmas’ gifts would set you back $35,000

A partridge in a pear tree and all the other 11 gifts would set you back $34,558.65.

How KFC made Christmas all about fried chicken — in Japan

Over the last four decades, KFC has managed to make fried chicken synonymous with Christmastime in Japan. Here's how.