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Google’s got a gorgeous new tablet that becomes a full laptop — it’s named ‘Pixel Slate’

At a New York City event on Tuesday, Google announced the Pixel Slate. It's a new tablet that becomes a laptop, and it runs on Google's Chrome OS.

Google will reportedly release a new Chromebook Pixel alongside the new Pixel phones later this year

The new laptop will probably be a high-end machine running on Chrome OS.

A new Chromebook to compete with Apple and Microsoft is reportedly in the works

The device is tipped to be a high-end laptop that would go head to head with the best of the MacBook and Surface lineups.

The iPad is running circles around Android tablets — but Google might have a way forward

Tablets are dwindling, and Android is caught in the middle. Google's Chrome OS might be the way out.

A top Microsoft exec on working with Apple, competing with Google’s Chromebooks, and the future of Windows

Microsoft Corporate VP of Windows Joe Belfiore on competing with Google, Apple's iTunes, and why Windows 10 S makes sense.

I tried Samsung’s high-end shot at Apple’s iPad Pro — here’s what it’s like

Samsung's Galaxy Tab S3 is a perfectly solid high-end Android tablet, but it's hard to say how much value there is in that.

If you can wait, you shouldn’t buy a Google Chromebook right now

Done right, a Chromebook can be an awesome value for a laptop buyer on a budget. This holiday season, though, no Chromebook maker is ticking all the boxes.

Google might release a new laptop and tablet that run on a completely new operating system

Multiple reports claim that Google's long-rumored merger of Android and Chrome OS will soon come to fruition.

It sounds like Acer has built the best Chromebook yet

At least on paper, the Acer Chromebook R13 seems to have everything you'll want out of a Chromebook going forward.