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How to screen record on your Chromebook using a Chrome extension

To screen record on your Chromebook, you’ll first have to download a Chrome extension. Loom is one of several extensions you can use to screen record.

Google just announced its new laptop, the $650 Pixelbook Go

Google unveiled a brand-new Pixelbook laptop at its big hardware event in New York City on Tuesday morning.

Google’s next Pixelbook laptop shown off in massive video leak just days before the October 15 event

Google's Pixel 4 has already been leaked to a comical extent, and now a hands-on video of a prototype of the upcoming Pixelbook Go Chromebook is out.

Apple Mac Pro computers across Hollywood were mysteriously crashing, and it turned out a Google Chrome update was the culprit

Video editors thought it was the common video editing software causing issues, but it was the common web browser that ended up being the troublemaker.

Use this trick to rotate your Netflix videos so you can watch movies and TV shows more comfortably in bed

"Netflix Flip" is a free Google Chrome extension that flips Netflix videos, a perfect solution for watching Netflix in bed without craning your neck.
You can change your Google username in a few clicks on a computer to affect how it appears in your Gmail app and elsewhere.

These 9 Gmail features will help you get the most out of Google’s popular email service

Managing your email can be overwhelming, but Google's Gmail is filled with subtle features that can make organizing messages much easier.

How to clear or block cookies on an iPhone to help it run more efficiently

Clearing cookies on an iPhone can fix bugs and potentially help your phone's browsers run faster. Here's how to clear or block cookies on an iPhone.
Google's Flutter tool will let app developers make a single version of their app for almost any platform, including mobile, desktop, and web.

Your favorite apps and services could soon become available on all your devices thanks to a Google tool you’ve probably never heard of

Google is fixing one of the biggest hurdles for app developers, and it's great news for pretty much everyone
Does anyone ever say yes to this?

There’s a simple, quick way to turn off all website notifications in Chrome — here’s how to do it

Tired of being asked whether you want notifications from your favorite websites? Here's how to stop that permanently.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks during the Google keynote address at the Gaming Developers Conference in San Francisco

Google just unveiled its Netflix-like video-game platform Stadia

Google officially unveiled its first major video-game initiative on Tuesday in San Francisco.