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Does anyone ever say yes to this?

There’s a simple, quick way to turn off all website notifications in Chrome — here’s how to do it

Tired of being asked whether you want notifications from your favorite websites? Here's how to stop that permanently.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai speaks during the Google keynote address at the Gaming Developers Conference in San Francisco

Google just unveiled its Netflix-like video-game platform Stadia

Google officially unveiled its first major video-game initiative on Tuesday in San Francisco.

16 ways to go on a digital cleanse if you use Google products religiously

There are hidden features inside Google's most popular products to help you combat your tech addiction.

How to see exactly which Google Chrome tabs, websites, and extensions are slowing down your computer

Google Chrome has a hidden tool that can show you which tabs are slowing down your computer.

Google will charge phone makers money for its Android apps in Europe — an unprecedented change that it says is to comply with regulators

Under pressure from regulators in Europe, Google said Tuesday it will no longer require phone makers that pre-install Google App Store to provide preferential treatment to Google's apps. Instead, the company will begin charging manufacturers for Android apps.

Google’s got a gorgeous new tablet that becomes a full laptop — it’s named ‘Pixel Slate’

At a New York City event on Tuesday, Google announced the Pixel Slate. It's a new tablet that becomes a laptop, and it runs on Google's Chrome OS.

Google will let some people play one of the biggest video games of the year for free, right from the Chrome browser — even if you have a lousy ...

Google's Project stream will let you stream and play 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey" from the Chrome web browser for free. But you have to be selected for the test, first.

A controversy over Chrome’s new login requirements forces Google to make changes

In response to criticism from Chrome users and security analysts, Google on Tuesday announced several alterations to how people can log in to the browser.
Matthew Green, a security and cryptography expert and professor at Johns Hopkins University.

Google might get rid of the controversial automatic login feature in the Chrome browser

Parisa Tabriz, director of engineering at Chrome, indicated in a Twitter post on Tuesday that the new automatic login feature that some security analysts say is a threat to privacy, and will be altered.
Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Google’s change to Chrome’s login has ignited debate about whether the move was sneaky

A security researcher learned that Google has quietly begun logging people into Chrome without their knowledge and this threatens their privacy. Google managers have denied that anyone's privacy is at risk. The internet is divided about whether Google has done something unsavory.