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Turkey just discovered an ancient church inside a lake – and it could be an underwater museum next year

If the plans are approved, the museum will open next year, with a bridge to the ruins, dive trips, and a glass room inside the underwater church where visitors can pray.

Philippines ordered a 71-year-old nun be deported and blacklisted after her political activism upset Duterte

The Philippine immigration authority has ordered the deportation and blacklisting of an Australian nun who was investigated, under instruction from President Rodrigo Duterte, for her political activism. 71-year-old Sister Patricia Fox has been accused of "posing a risk to public interest."
Pastor Robert Jeffress told Fox & Friends that churches should encourage their members to carry guns in church.

Megachurch pastor on ‘Fox & Friends’ says his parishioners could stop a shooting because they carry guns into church

Pastor Robert Jeffress said on Monday that a mass shooting wouldn't happen in his church because a large portion of his members carry concealed weapons.
Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt attempted to comfort victims of Sunday's shooting in Texas by saying, "there's no other place we would want to go other than church."

‘Fox & Friends’ host tries to find ‘positives’ in Texas shooting, says ‘there’s no other place we would want ...

'Fox & Friends' host Ainsley Earhardt raised eyebrows on Monday when she argued that there are "positives" to be found in Sunday's mass shooting in Texas.

21 of the most beautiful places of worship around the world

Whether it's a church, temple, or simple prayer site, the most beautiful places of worship are structures both simple and grand.

Thousands of Americans are going to church in dead malls

As malls across the US are being forced to change directions, here's what it's like to go to a church that is inside a revamped mall.

The Feds have charged a Texas pastor and a financial planner with selling defunct Chinese bonds to elderly investors

The SEC says Kirbyjon Caldwell and Gregory Smith, a pastor and a financial planner, were scamming elderly people in a fraud involving worthless Chinese bonds.

This innovative cliff-side chapel funnels in heavenly rays of light

Joaquim Portela Architects have redesigned the traditional Catholic chapel in the Swiss Alps.

Italy’s most hidden church is in the middle of a cave

The Temple of Valadier sits in the mouth of a cave in Italy.