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Stay away from these cities if you value balance in your life.

How much 25 major US cities pinch from your wallet in taxes

State and local taxes vary widely from place to place.

The 10 cities with the best quality of life in the world

These are the 10 cities with the best quality of life, according to Mercer's 2019 Quality of Living ranking.

RANKED: The 19 best cities in the world in 2019

The ranking, conducted by Time Out, surveyed almost 34,000 residents of 48 cities around the world.

The top 20 cities around the world where wealthy people live, invest their money, and enjoy top hotels and restaurants

The top 20 cities by wealth, investment opportunities and lifestyle according to the Knight Frank City Wealth Index
Dark clouds pass over downtown Miami.

Scientists say these 10 major cities could become unlivable within 80 years

Some of the world's most popular cities could experience unbearable living conditions because of climate change.
A traffic jam in Mumbai.

Here are 11 of the worst commutes in the world where drivers can spend more than 100 hours a year stuck in traffic

Los Angeles, California has the worst commute in the world according to INRIX. Drivers in LA spend an average of 100 hours a year stuck in traffic.
Forest City, Malaysia

These billion-dollar cities are straight out of science fiction, and they will soon become a reality

The technologies in these billion-dollar megaprojects rival science fiction.
San Jose, California is one of the most expensive places in the world to settle down.

The 10 most expensive cities to live in around the world in 2019

The 15th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey shows that Australia, New Zealand, and China are the least affordable countries to live in.
Where you live can affect your work-life balance.

25 US cities where housing is affordable, people work less, and there’s plenty to do

Work-life balance can be hard to come by, but it partly depends on where you live. See the top 25 cities where work-life balance is achievable.