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Hillary Clinton.

The FBI agent Mueller ousted was behind 2 critical turning points in the Clinton and Trump-Russia investigations

Peter Strzok made a key language change in James Comey's announcement about Clinton's emails. He also officially signed off on launching the FBI's Russia probe.

Trump reportedly wants the State Department to release any Hillary Clinton emails it has left

Trump reportedly signaled to the State Department to hasten the release of Hillary Clinton's remaining emails as an effort to be transparent.

‘This man is going to be the death of me’: Huma Abedin broke down in tears after learning of her estranged husband’s connection to t...

Hillary Clinton recalled comforting a tearful Huma Abedin after news broke that the FBI had reopened its investigation into Clinton's private email server.

Hillary Clinton says she felt ‘shivved’ by James Comey’s letter about email investigation and wondered ‘what the hell’ h...

Hillary Clinton said she "immediately knew it was bad" news when her spokeswoman uttered the words "Jim Comey" on the morning of October 28.

Incredible photo of Hillary Clinton shows her reading story about Pence’s personal email use in office

Hillary Clinton was spotted on an airplane Friday with a copy of USA Today in her lap — the headline blaring, "Pence used personal email in office."