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Trump’s top economic adviser reportedly says men should never wear brown shoes with a blue suit. But that’s wrong.

Larry Kudlow, Trump's top economic adviser, says men should not wear brown shoes with blue suits, according to a new report. But the world has moved on from archaic rules like this one.
I wear pretty much the same thing every day, and it's made me more productive.

I’ve been wearing the same ‘work uniform’ every day for over a year — here’s how it makes me more productive

Work uniforms are more common than you realize — plenty of people wear suits every day. Having a work uniform can save you the stress and money of choosing and buying work clothes. Here’s why I wear basically the same thing every day.

A retail CEO just hinted at why Amazon finally revealed the number of Prime members it has

Chico's is now selling products on Amazon, and CEO Shelley Broader said that the recently revealed Prime membership numbers were a factor in the decision. With 100 million dedicated shoppers, it's an enticing proposition for any brand.
Bonobos Tech line of clothing is made for men on the move.

Bonobos released a new line of high-tech clothes — and it shows how the brand is evolving

Bonobos has a new line of clothing they're calling the "tech pack." The new line consists of sophisticated garments made with a proprietary high-tech fabric. Here's how it's changing the game for guy's clothing.

This mom quit her job to run a six-figure business out of her home using a trending app — here’s how she did it

Jennifer Inthavong, a Poshmark seller in LA, says that she's netted $480,000 since she started selling on the app in 2013.

Lululemon’s e-commerce game could help it get to $4 billion in sales

Lululemon's quarterly earnings were better than Wall Street expectations, and its success with online sales was a big part of that beat.
Looks from Terra & Sky and George.

Walmart is releasing 4 new clothing brands — and they look a lot like the apparel startups it’s spent hundreds of millions acquiring

Walmart is focusing on trendy new private brands to sell in stores and online. Fans of Bonobos and Modcloth will find the styles familiar.