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President Donald Trump talks to reporters prior to boarding Marine One as he departs the White House in Washington, DC on December 8, 2018.

Trump celebrates collapse of The Weekly Standard as the conservative magazine’s reporters lose jobs over holiday season

President Donald Trump on Saturday morning took to Twitter to celebrate the collapse of The Weekly Standard.

CNN poll shows Beto O’Rourke is stealing Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris’ thunder

A CNN poll shows Beto O'Rourke polling higher than Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, though he is considerably behind Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

5 public apologies made by CNN hosts and contributors in 2018

In 2018, CNN hosts and contributors apologized for misstatements, factual errors, and profanity.
FILE PHOTO: Sheriff Arpaio is pictured waiting for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump during a campaign event in Phoenix

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio files defamation suits against media organizations, seeks over $300 million in damages

Joe Arpaio, the former sheriff who was pardoned by President Donald Trump last year, has filed lawsuits against CNN and The New York Times.
CNN host Don Lemon and reporter Shimon Prokupecz report from outside of Time Warner Center in New York on Thursday night after the building was evacuated due to a bomb threat.

CNN studios in New York abruptly evacuated after reported bomb threat

The bomb threat was called in around 10:35 p.m. ET on Thursday night. The NYPD said the threat "has not been substantiated at this time."

CNN just claimed chendol is a top Singapore dessert – and Malaysians got absolutely triggered

Some Singaporeans - including prominent food blogger Leslie Tay - even admitted Malaysian cendol tasted better.
CNN host Anderson Cooper.

‘It’s a pretty easy read … there are pictures’: CNN’s Anderson Cooper throws serious shade at Trump after new climate-ch...

CNN's Anderson Cooper advised Trump to visit a child-friendly NASA website for an explanation in the differences between weather and climate.

Trump suggests the US should form a state-run, global news network to counter CNN’s ‘unfair’ coverage

President Donald Trump on Monday suggested the US should form a state-run, global news network to counter CNN's "unfair" coverage.
President Donald Trump spars with CNN's Jim Acosta at a press conference.

The White House is restoring Jim Acosta’s press pass days after a judge ordered it to do so — and CNN is dropping its lawsuit

CNN announced on Monday that the White House is reinstating reporter Jim Acosta's press pass — three days after a federal judge ordered just that.

CNN fires back in court after the White House sends Jim Acosta a letter saying it’s going to revoke his press pass again

CNN reporter Jim Acosta had his White House press pass taken away earlier this month after getting into a heated exchange with President Donald Trump.