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It's definitely possible to make a tasty cocktail at home.

Bartenders share 12 things you should never do when making a cocktail

While being your own bartender, you'll want to avoid these common mistakes that could be ruining your cocktails, like using the wrong type of ice.
Adding fresh fruits can take margaritas to the next level.

12 easy ways to make your margaritas even better using things you already have in your kitchen

From fruit-flavored popsicles to chili salt and homemade jalapeno tequila, these hacks will take your margaritas to the next level.
Make sure you know what you're doing before you serve a margarita this Cinco de Mayo.

These mistakes are ruining your margarita, according to a member of the Cointreau family

Insider spoke with Alfred Cointreau, a sixth-generation member of the family-run liqueur brand, to find out how to serve a margarita.
Sometimes the most delicious cocktails come in cans.

Bartenders reveal 9 of the best ready-to-drink cocktails you can buy

From canned wine spritzers to Cosmopolitans that come in a bottle, here are some of the pros favorite premade drinks.
Stanley Tucci is the latest star to show off his cocktail-making skills during quarantine.

Stanley Tucci taught fans how to make a Negroni, and people are loving the actor’s bartending skills

The actor known for "The Devil Wears Prada" gave an informal happy hour masterclass on Instagram when he made a Negroni for his wife, Felicity Blunt.
The Old Fashioned at Dante in New York City.

I tried the Old Fashioned cocktail at Dante, which was recently named one of the best drinks in the world. Here’s what makes it so special.

Dante, an iconic New York City spot in Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighborhood, was recently named the best bar in the world.

6 of the world’s best bars are now in Singapore, with 3 among the top 20

Plenty of great bars in Singapore, so you can stop complaining it's boring.
When it comes to making cocktails, there's one mistake you should always avoid making.

A bartender says going rogue on cocktail recipes is the worst thing you can do

By straying from cocktail recipes, you could be wasting alcohol and ruining the flavors in your drink.
The author, Emma Witman, said bar customers can get intimidated by unfamiliar terms and ingredients.

What 7 of the most confusing terms you see at a bar actually mean, according to a bartender

Ordering at a bar could be made easier if it were clear what all these crazy cocktail ingredients are and why we bartenders use them.
Drinking cocktails by the sea is one thing — drinking them on the sea is another.

A bright green floating taco and cocktail bar just opened in the Caribbean

Guests can either swim up to the bar and perch on one of the submerged stools, or boats can pull up and grab their food and drinks to go.