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This cocktail is made from trash.

I tried a cocktail made of trash and it tasted just as good as a fresh one

When making cocktails, fresh fruit is often discarded after juicing. But using those remains can actually be used to make a whole new drink.
Not all cocktails have complicated lists of ingredients.

14 easy 2-ingredient cocktails you can make at home

From a gin and tonic to a Pimm's Cup, here are recipes for some of the easiest 2-ingredient cocktails to make.
Here's how to pronounce some of the trickiest bar drinks you can order.

21 drinks you’re probably mispronouncing when you order them

From Moët & Chandon to Hoegaarden and Tsingtao, there are plenty of bar drinks that you may want to brush up on.
There are some terms you should be familiar with when ordering from a bartender.

13 terms you should know when ordering a cocktail

From "shaken" to "stirred," here are the terms you should know next time you're ordering a drink from a bartender.
Drinking cocktails by the sea is one thing — drinking them on the sea is another.

A bright green floating taco and cocktail bar just opened in the Caribbean

Guests can either swim up to the bar and perch on one of the submerged stools, or boats can pull up and grab their food and drinks to go.
In the UK, you might see a lot of cocktails made with Pimm's, a popular brand of gin.

11 popular cocktails to try from around the world

From Pimm's Cup in England to sangria in Spain, here are some cocktails to try from around the world.
Ordering a drink from a bar can sometimes seem complicated or confusing.

9 mistakes you’re making when ordering drinks, according to bartenders and beverage experts

From ordering a surprise cocktail to asking for your drink to be strong, here are some mistakes you may be making when ordering drinks at a bar.
The Cauldron uses working wands to keep track of your bar tab.

I visited New York City’s new magical-themed pub with working wands. Here’s what it was like.

The cocktails at The Cauldron are all designed to be interactive — and there are plenty of special effects involved.
I tried three kinds of Hennessy Cognac: VS, VSOP Privilege, and XO.

A Hennessy expert in France told me the best way to drink 3 different types of cognac, from mixing it in an absinthe-rinsed glass to adding cold water...

Younger cognacs, VS and VSOP, can be used in a variety of ways, including in cocktails. But the XO, or "Extra Old," should be drunk neat or with ice.
Many chain restaurants have special deals on cocktails and appetizers.

11 of the best happy hour deals at chain restaurants

From The Cheesecake Factory to Taco Bell, here are the best chain restaurant happy hours to save you money on food, beer, and cocktails.