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I tried three kinds of Hennessy Cognac: VS, VSOP Privilege, and XO.

A Hennessy expert in France told me the best way to drink 3 different types of cognac, from mixing it in an absinthe-rinsed glass to adding cold water...

Younger cognacs, VS and VSOP, can be used in a variety of ways, including in cocktails. But the XO, or "Extra Old," should be drunk neat or with ice.
Many chain restaurants have special deals on cocktails and appetizers.

11 of the best happy hour deals at chain restaurants

From The Cheesecake Factory to Taco Bell, here are the best chain restaurant happy hours to save you money on food, beer, and cocktails.
Dandelyan was named the best bar in the world for 2018.

I drank at the best bar in the world, and I was surprised by one thing

Dandelyan, on London's South Bank, was named the best bar in the world for 2018, but it's much more relaxed than you might think.

An American entrepreneur is selling bubble tea made from Chinese cough syrup Pei Pa Koa – here’s where to try a Singapore version

Also, have you heard of alcoholic bubble cocktails? Well, this company in California is serving them.

10 Christmas cocktails from around the world that you should try this year

From Swedish Glögg to the Scottish hot toddy, these are the best holiday cocktails from around the world to add to your Christmas menu.
The drink comes in two flavors.

Applebee’s is serving boozy $1 Jolly Rancher drinks this December

Applebee's is serving the $1 Dollar Jolly this December, a vodka cocktail inspired by Jolly Ranchers that's served with one on the side.
We are gearing up to holiday season — here are the best cocktails for your parties.

12 big-batch cocktails you’ll need for the holiday party season

It can be tough to make drinks for a crowd but these big-batch cocktails will help make everyone at your next holiday party happy.
Bartender at Nobu Downtown.

Bartenders reveal the drinks you should never order at a bar

We spoke to bartenders to find out the popular drinks they hate making the most. See which ones to avoid to stay in their good graces.
The Dollar Zombie is a rum cocktail.

Applebee’s is serving a boozy Zombie drink for Halloween — and it’s only $1

Applebee's new Halloween cocktail of the month is blue and topped with a gummy brain. Here's what's in the boozy Dollar Zombie and drink when and where you can get it for just one dollar.
Add two hours of bottomless prosecco, mimosas and bloody mary's to your Hot Box brunch for £25, with dishes starting at £7.

The 37 cheapest brunch spots in London with unlimited booze

We've compiled a list of the best bottomless brunches in London to ensure you get the most from your money — and your time limit.