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Some fancy-looking cocktails are easier to make than you think.

8 cocktails that seem fancy but are surprisingly easy to make

You can make cool-sounding cocktails like a tequila-based Paloma or sweet and sour Bees Knees using just three ingredients.
Daily's Mai Tai flavored cocktail pouch.

From margaritas to frosé, these are the best boozy juice pouches to bring to a summer party

The soft, plastic pouches are great for the beach, the pool, and other places with glass container restrictions. Plus, they're fun to drink!
Author Emma Witman has witnessed countless first dates and seen all the worst mistakes people make.

I’m a bartender — here’s exactly what you should do next time you don’t like your drink

Like in any other situation, there's a right and wrong way to handle getting a drink you don't enjoy. Take it from a professional.
Two Aperol spritzes.

11 refreshing summer cocktails you only need 3 ingredients to make

From a Paloma to Aperol Spritz, these easy, three-ingredient cocktails are a perfect way to start your home bartending journey.
Cocktails on a bar.

10 cocktails that cut down on calories

Just because you're on a diet doesn't mean you can't enjoy a drink if you want one. Check out these simple cocktails to help you cut down on calories.
Negronis are a bitter cocktail that some love and others don't enjoy.

7 things you didn’t know about the Negroni

Most people either hate or love Negronis. Here are some interesting things you didn't know about the popular gin-based cocktail.
These cocktails will be sure to impress your guests.

10 cocktails you should know how to make by the time you’re 30

From a sweet mojito to a tart margarita here are some cocktail recipes you should master by the time you hit your 30s.
The author, Emma Witman, said there are certain drinks bartenders will judge customers for ordering.

I’m a bartender — and these are the drinks that we secretly judge you for ordering

No matter what kind of drink you order, bartenders will happily make it. But there are some drinks they will secretly judge you for ordering.
Ever wonder what brand of booze you're getting when you order "house" liquor?

The alcohol brands that are typically the ‘well’ when you order at bars

Ever wonder what brand of booze you're getting when you order "house" liquor? Check out these alcohol brands that are typically the "well" at bars.
These cocktail pairings aren't typical but they are delicious.

9 of the most unexpected cocktail and food pairings you need to try

From champagne and fried food to a gimlet and sushi, here are some unique food and cocktail pairings that you need to try.